Life After EDC3100…

Almost finished…

Almost to the end of what has been the hardest semester so far of my university experience. I felt less alone once I saw Stacey’s blog post quoting other blog posts saying similar things. The stress and the long nights, the nights of being up late laminating for my lessons the next day on prac, completing other assignments at the same time, stressing, hoping I have done enough to show I can do this and I will be a good teacher, will in the end all be worth it. I’ll have my own classroom and set it up the way I want to. And as previously stated… I’ll change students lives everyday for the rest of my life… and I cannot wait.

Goodbye for now blog…


A good way to welcome the student in of a morning.

During prac, other teachers from the prep level would come into my mentors classroom for meetings and such. One teacher was particularly helpful. She gave me this wonderful site where you create your own role. The students would come in of a morning, and the night before I would create a new role. Some days I would ask students in groups to find their names, or use the first sound of names and many other ways to call the students up. This site I found was so good because the student had so much fun locating their name and touching the name on the interactive white board and watching it go up to show they were here. It was a great way to start our day and I can guarantee I will be using this on my last few pracs and when I finally become a teacher myself.

If you click on the link I have attached above it will take you to the site and maybe you to could use this site in the future.

Online bullies vs face to face bullies

I decided to go back to the start of my blog feed and found Nat’s blog post about online bullying. Bullying is never okay in any form at any stage of anyone’s life. However it is happening.

After being on prac, i realized online bullying is much more frequent now than face to face bullying and that is truly scary. While on prac, in the higher grades, bullying face to face wasn’t a big issue. However, bullying from online sources was. The worst part? Its getting harder for schools to do anything about it because it is happening from home. With sites like Tumblr and Twitter, students can use other names and be someone else. Leaving no proof it’s them doing the attacking. ICT may help students learn, but it can also help aid a weapon…

Before prac thoughts… after prac thoughts…

My prac experience had it’s ups and downs and if you have spoken to me, you’d know why. Before prac I was very worried about using ICT in a prep setting. Why? Because I cannot use ICT very wel.. I recently upgraded my phone to a Samsung Gallexy S5… sorry to those who have sent me messages and have gone unreplied to I still am learning that one… And if I was struggling myself, how in the world was i supposed to teach students using ICT?

Now that prac is over and I have actually used ICT’s to teach students, minus the few hiccups I faced, I feel more confident than I did before which isn’t so bad for someone who cant figure out how to use the flash light on her new phone. Anyone reading this and knows how to do that… help me.

Thank you!

Behavior management during the use of ICT

Low and behold it’s another post by Karleigh about behavior management…

When I first started using ICT in the classroom I found it difficult to keep the behavior of my students under control. Simple explanation, the students were so excited about the way I was using the ICT’s in the classroom. To manage the behavior I used a number of techniques. The first being Ipads… From day one, I told students if they were to mess around with the Ipads or go off maths games and into car games, they would lose the Ipad and do puzzles. This worked well after the first student did this and lost his Ipad. The computers had their rules already set in place so for those I kept them the same and it was effective. And finally group time using the interactive white board… this was a challenge. After many attempted and failed behavior management ideas… I found an effective one. Those students who gave me whole body listening, didn’t talk, and payed attention, would get the opportunity to use the board. Those who did not, well they did not get to use the board. It took two days before the students realized I was serious and the behavior become much better. Yay for success!!


During my time on prac one thing kept becoming apparent, my behavior management struggled. And If I had of seen Kelsie’s blog post before now I may have been able to use the technique in the article on some of the students I had issues with. By the end my mentor said my behavior management had improved immensely after many attempts during my three weeks however for myself, I wish I had of gotten on top of that issue sooner. It is a learning curve I faced and something I have learned much of. Behavior management equals highly important and one big learning curve for the future Miss Soppa.

Assignment three

As I undertake completing my finally assignment I have hit a road block. Lesson plans… What is asked of us int the assignment in relation to lesson plans is vastly different to the lesson plans I was asked to complete while on prac. Send help Karleigh is lost!! When I showed my mentor the lesson plan template she looked at me confused and asked me to complete a lesson plan equipped to the schools lesson plan (I do, We do, You do). Now I am here, and it concerns me that I do not have enough information to put into my lessons plan that I will be submitting.

Did anyone else have this issue on prac or am I alone on this issue?